home automation FAQ
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home automation FAQ

  • Home automation consists in the automation of electronic and mechanical devices of households: from lighting to heating, from videosurveillance to videointercom functions. The goal is to simplify some domestic tasks, guarantee higher safety to people and generate energy saving, by using an ad hoc electronic system.
    Modern electric installations make it possible to optimize the use of electricity, water, gas, avoiding all waste. Moreover, home automation technology allows for carrying out several tasks from a single point, such as switching the lights on and off, set the heating, and close doors. Domotic installations create relation networks between household devices. Because of this integration, several functions can be simultaneously managed with a remote control or by pressing a button.

  • Each project provides a personalized answer to the user needs, and therefore the final cost can change according to very different parameters: safety provisions, project goals, furnishing requirements, etc.

  • While traditional installations are rigid, modern electrical installations are flexible and allow for creating a relation network between multiple household devices. This makes your daily life easier and dramatically cuts down waste, both in terms of money and time.
    Home automation is different from traditional installations because it can integrate household devices, put them into communication and use them at best, combining them in a very effective way.

  • The design of a domotic system requires specific skills that are certified by manufacturers.

  • Absolutely not. myLogic also allows for using the DUO System two-wire technology to reduce invasiveness. Also mounting and maintenance costs are reduced.

  • Being a transversal discipline that involves many aspects of house design, it is important to include home automation as soon as possible, both in case of construction and refurbishing works.

  • Absolutely not. Domotic applications are perfect for public administrations, hotels, malls, offices and even luxury yachts. Being developed from the videointercom technology, myLogic is mainly targeted to residential installations.
    Home automation is the ideal answer for spaces that are very complex to manage and have high requirements in terms of energy saving, safety and centralized management.

  • Each automation can be manually released. Each device connected to the electrical mains will have the same behaviour as traditional solutions.

  • In case of failure of a domotic part, the system will be either partially or totally blocked. In fact, should the special domotic functions fail, the system can be managed in a traditional mode with the switches provided on board or connected to the single parts.

  • Of course. The possibility to benefit from home automation does not depend on the size of the house. There are a lot of prejudices about modern electrical systems, and according to one of them home automation only works for villas and luxury homes. But this is not true. The advantages of home automation are within everybody’s reach.

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