welcome in the smart house!
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Control Panel
The Control Panel allows you to access the myLogic functions and settings.
Each sector is clearly identified with an intuitive icon and a specific identification colour.
With the Videointercom function you can manage the external videointercom stations and check the received, made or lost calls. The function is enriched with a useful system that allows you to take photos either in automatic or manual mode to create an archive of the visits you receive.
This function is especially dedicated to internal communication. The intercommunication allows you to make calls between the various areas of your home, eliminating the distance between different floors or physically separated spaces. The voice call system is integrated with a handy, simple and effective texting service.
Block Notes
This application is used to create simple notes to be displayed on the Home Page. The notes can be set as real memos with an acoustic alarm that is activated upon the date and time set by the user.
Let’s now talk about real home automation. From here, you can manage and control your home automations, such as lights, shutters, garden irrigation system, etc.
... and let’s move on to events for a more dynamic home automation. From here you can control the status of the home events, such as door open or door closed, rain or no rain, gas sensor status, activating user preset scenarios.
HVAC regulation
This function allows you to manage and monitor the entire HVAC installation: heating and air-conditioning are extremely easy to regulate either in automatic or manual mode.
With Favourites you can load the most used functions and speed up access. You can also change the display order to fit to your personal needs.
With myLogic you can create an image gallery that can be used as background for your Home Page. The system accepts photos directly made by the user.
The Settings menu is used to make all myLogic settings (audio, screen, etc.) with total easiness and simplicity.

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